Monday, 28 November 2011

Piknik Cafe, Penang ♥ 28/11/11

Hello Peeps 
I was hanging around with my sista and my friends XD
And we went to The Piknik Cafe! \
The environment really look kinda vintage yet nice!!!  *Awww falling in w/th new chilling place*
Was had fun and excited in there! They got boards/cards game for you to kill your boredom though :D 
And magazines/novels. Such a Lovely service :) 
Let picture tell you all XD

So this is Steve! *Why this pic look you so mouse? XD*
My cam-holic sista 
Mwah & Mwah sista 
The wood games *looks normal but seriously fun!!*
Haha! The *must* pose for LOSER! XD Our 1st game loser! :D
My sista get into 2nd LOL!
Hell yeah, I got no.3! :( haha!
Say hi again XD!
His hand was shaking! Duh, steve!! Haha!

My sista got so many pattern la! XD

It really do look scary when down there is quite empty LOL
The most scary bottom part XD!!

That's the night here :D

Night Pepo 

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  1. Going to PIKNIK Cafe?
    Better think twice, because you dont want to be treated with no respects and they chase you out from their shops, read this post and all of you would understand.